Saturday, May 12, 2007

Digging Through Old Photos, Part One

While doing a backup of my computer, I found some fun photos I'd forgotten about.

Such as, the time Dave found the remnants of a cyborg in our garden.
If no one hears from us after this post, we've clearly uncovered an evil conspiracy, and gone into hiding. Send money and Cheezies to the airport locker #11.

I also found pictures from my 26th birthday, when dad surprised me at Crazyhorse Steakhouse. More pics of this are being uploaded to the flickr account.

Also, there's the disturbing resemblance I noticed between my enthusiastically dining fiance and a certain muppet...

Hehehe... anyhoo, that's all for now. 'Til next time, when we continue on with "Digging Through Old Photos, Part Two"!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE the photos.
Definately Blooper quality.
I wonder how many of those we'll get at the wedding?
Thanks for the fun blog.
By the way, I'm still holding on to a vast amount of 'bath related products'
that Karla sent me home with. I'll be sending them back with her when you drive back to Ottawa with a truck load of furniture and boxes after the honeymoon.
Love from Mum

kiwilauren said...

AHAHAHA. I love the muppet reference. It's a startling resemblance, really!