Monday, May 07, 2007

Phew... Done!

Thanks for all your well-wishes, everyone... I finished the duathlon, and I am indeed still alive. ;-)

My running was much stronger than last year (I was able to go over 2km with NO walk-breaks) but I lost that time and then some during the biking segment. Turns out Karla is not a strong cyclist in very strong winds, which decided to make an unwelcome appearance this year. Blech.

All in all, though, I finished 10k of cycling and 5k of running/walking in an hour and eight minutes, which is two minutes longer than last year. Not bad, but I hope to do better next time. In the meantime, I'll work on the cycling. ^_^

The funny part is, I felt absolutely terrible the next day. But it wasn't sore muscles, you see. Rather, it was the direct result of being finished at 10AM, and having the whole rest of the day to have an all-too-dangerous "I earned it" mentality.

Do I want a bacon and avacado sandwich? Of course I do, and I earned it, dammit! What about some chips and TimTams? Yes indeed, I earned it! What about champagne at 11AM, drinking solidly throughout the day? I earned it! Bring on the rich food and booze -- I earned 'em!

The next day was awful, and as you can imagine, it had little to do with sore legs. I spent the whole next day in a fog of toxins, sullenly consuming only fruit and water.

(Note to self, avoid the "I earned it" mentality in the future... its aftereffects can be worse than a duathlons'!)


Tomas said...

Hey Karla - congratulations on finishing the race...that is awesome and this is your second year too! Wow 15 km in all! Looks like David did a decent job as camera boy and (am sure!) cheerleader. Was he wearing tights too?

Sounds like the weather is taking a turn in NZ - yikes! Like when you guys visited Australia - I have big expectations for warm, sunny weather when I visit next month. I can go to Vancouver for wind and rain, thanks very much!

Your Dad has thrown his hat in the ring - please tell me more. Does he have the Liberal nomination? You must be proud!


Speaka said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Carla and Dave,
I just was looking over your blog and I must say , you look like you're having a great time down under.
All the neighborhood boys went out on Sunday and helped your dad at his campaign office. Clive fixed the computers and Blair (the guy who lives next to me)and I put up signs. By the sound of it, he will have over 500 up soon.I think he has a great chance of winning. The NDP are probably still going to win over all, but I do not think by as much.
Laura is going to England in the summer for 5 weeks to visit Charlotte. Pretty cool for someone who just turned 14 on April 10.
It was about 32 degrees here today. We are just not ready for it yet. It seems like 3 weeks ago there was 3 inches of snow on the ground.
Speeking of Clive, he is Canada's newest citizen. On Tuesday, he was sworn in as a Canadian citizen. A friend of his from Saskatchewan sent him a case of Molson Canadian, so we helped him drink it. He had 17 people,(fiends and family) show up to see him become a Canuck. Jen bought him a book an how to fake being a Canadian, and I am going to give him Bob and Doug Mackenzie's "Great White North" album.
Anyways,Cheers from the "Great White North"
Don , Marian and the rest of the tribe

Anonymous said...

I loved the photo, Karla!
It was great to see the stuff from Don and Marian too.
Yes, Clive is now a Canadian! It was neat seeing him get his reminded me of when me and my family got ours, so many years ago.
Your Dad has lost weight from his campaigning, and he's doing very well in the NDP stronghold of Minto.
When you drive down Arlington Street its full of Wayne Helgason signs!
You'd love it!