Tuesday, May 29, 2007


As of now, I have a tentative date to return to my position at Statistics Canada -- October 19. Life as it was before shall resume as of October 19, a thought that is simultaneously thrilling and ominous.

It's strange to think that this time at Statistics New Zealand is coming to a close... some days, it feels as if I only just got here. Other days, it's hard to imagine living anywhere else. I already know I'll miss it here.

Part of my mind is already back in Canada, but part stays here, giving the feeling of living in two worlds at once. It's like bad sci-fi, where a layer of reality gets peeled back to reveal a totally different one. And I live, aware of both at once. It's downright weird.

In some ways, I can barely wait to get back. It was bad enough missing four weddings of my closest friends, but even besides that I've missed my dad's election campaign, a friend's first baby being born, a family health scare, two graduations, a neighbours' successful-immigration celebration, two moves, countless birthdays, and even an official wrap-party for the comic I've been following since 1993. You know, all the kind of stuff that you want to be there for, and I wasn't. I'll be grateful to be back, if only to be within striking distance of any further life-events like these.

Suddenly, Ottawa and Winnipeg don't seem so far away anymore. That's a nice feeling. Funny how living so far away lends one new perspectives on things, eh? :-)


Speaka said...

It'll be fun when you come to Ottawa. We'll hang out and watch a rugby game...make that a hockey game (ice hockey not field hockey - in case you've forgotten!)

Anonymous said...

Karla, your Dad read the blog when we were all sitting around Faye's kitchen table.
We were all heading out to Taylors' Graduation in Kingston.It was a lovely time and you were both missed.
Love from Mum XXOO

Anonymous said...

we are all looking forward to you getting back to our side of the world.. xoxo amanda and kendra