Thursday, May 17, 2007


Yep. I have finally followed the flock into Facebook land. A part of me is bemoaning the increased role in my life that online-ness is taking, and another part of me can hardly wait to get back on the site.

For those of you not yet aware of Facebook, it is a website designed entirely to network people. How does it work?
  1. First off, you link it with your email address,

  2. It rifles through your mail and makes note of every email address you've sent email to, or gotten email from.

  3. Then, it takes that list of email addresses and sees who is already registered on Facebook.

  4. The site tells you who is already on Facebook, and you can add them as "Friends".

The end result is you having your own page, with info about you, and places where people can leave you messages. There are mini-pictures of the people you know (Friends), and clicking on them brings them to each of their pages -- where you can read their info and leave them messages.

Then you can look at their friends to see who they know, and those pictures bring you to more personal sites. Whoa.

So, who do YOU know? Who do your friends know? Who do your friend's friends know? The site, in general, is an interactive and all-too-intriguing exercise in Six Degrees of Separation. And a highly addictive one, at that.

I've said this about Ebay, and I'll say it again now -- RUN AWAY while you still can.

(...or leave a message on my wall sometime.) ;-)



Anonymous said...

Dude! Old news! But glad you've finally made it over to the dark side.. muah ha ha...
i mean.. *sob*.
I got my account in May 05 and sheepishly admit its STILL a daily event in life.


Taylor xx

kiwilauren said...

Amen! I'm completely addicted to Facebook. Love it.