Wednesday, June 06, 2007

C'mon Sens!!!

I can't watch the bloody game. I can only constantly refresh the CBC website to get my Cup fix, and it's now 5-2 Ducks in the third.

I fear impending doom. But I still have hopes.

Good vibes coming at you Sens from down under! Go Sens Go!

UPDATE: 6-2? Methinks Sens Mile is mighty quiet. And me? I'm gutted, man. Gutted.


Ernie said...

C'mon Dave, if Vancouver couldn't beat Anaheim with Luongo, what chance did Ottawa have?

Speaka said...

It was a somber day in Ottawa...

Dave said...

Having never seen Luongo play (I hear good things, though), it's hard for me to call that one. All I know is at least one of the teams I like had a shot.

To make myself feel better I'm going to go watch the All Blacks play France. So there.

Karla said...

Ka mate! Ka mate!
Kia ora! Kia ora!

I can hardly wait! ^_^

(For the canucks, it's pronounced KA-MA-tay and KYOH-rah, and mean 'it is death', 'it is life', respectively.)

Tomas said...

Sens lost - too bad, eh? You remember how quiet the city was after they lost to the Devils a few years could hear a pin drop! All the games were close so they should hold their heads high.

BTW DH, Go Wallabies!