Thursday, June 14, 2007

Things I'll Miss About New Zealand, part 1

TIM TAMS!!!! Mmmm...

Canada has no cookie like this. Tim Tams are deliciousness incarnate in two syllables. Two layers of cookie surround a creamy/icing middle, then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate. Good quality chocolate, even.

Better still, this cookie can be made even more delicious through the technique, "The Tim Tam Slam". The lovely Dave will demonstrate how this is done.

Step 1) Assemble hot drink of choice, and one or more Tim Tams. Ideally, the cookies should be the double-coat variety, as that ensures less mess for the coming steps. Ensure the drink is not hot enough to scald, and that it is filled to near the top of the mug.

Step 2) Bite off both ends of the cookie.

Step 3) Insert one end of the cookie into the mug, making contact with the drink.

Step 4) Suck drink through cookie -- like a straw -- until cookie is fully moistened. This usually only takes a second or two, and practise is required to time it perfectly.

Step 5) Pop delicious, caffienated, gooey chocolate cookie-ooze in your mouth. Bliss!
Hopefully, Canadian importers will gain enough sense to import this southern-hemisphere wonder; but until then, I'm scheming a way to get them to Canada. I love you, Tim Tam.


Anonymous said...

Upon reading your latest blog post, I was reminded very much of a certain biscuit that I fell in love with whilst on my own soggy island. IT is called...The Penguin. Slobbering at the sight of your beloved TimTams and reminiscing of my countless and quite similar ceremonious encounters with my own biscuit of choice, I was inspired to google it. Well you would not believe what I found when I image googled Penguin (made by McVities). AN IMAGE OF TIMTAM! Your description matched my memories of Penguin to a tee, I knew something must be up!
Perhaps the two are.. related!

Well, don't get too excited, I have yet to find them on this continent, but perhaps you can smuggle back some TimTams, and me some Penguins and we can do an ultimate taste test! - Vancity style.


excuse me.


Anonymous said...

Check this out:

I wonder what makes the "Temptin" so controversial...