Monday, June 11, 2007

Eight Minutes to Midnight

Two months tonight, eight minutes to midnight, I will arrive back in Winnipeg.

It is now official, as I actually have my ticket. August 12, I will board a Wellington plane in the early eve. After an ungodly amount of flying and transfer time, I will arrive in Winnipeg just before midnight. Two months now.

I might feel more conflicted if the moving/job-wrapup/wedding stress would subside awhile. There's so much I will miss about Wellington, which is truly a great place to live. In fact, that very sentiment has inspired me to begin an ongoing list of specific things I'll miss -- the idea being, if I identify them now, I can still appreciate them before I go. That series should start soon... stay tuned! :-)

Until then, I'll have a drink tonight to reflect, and to celebrate. At eight minutes to midnight.


Anonymous said...

your return to winnipeg will be a joyous occasion and im sure the whole winnipeg crew will be exstatic to see you (get the kleenex ready) but know that we are all looking forward to seeing you as well back here in the nations capitol.. safe journey home cuz.xoxo

Anonymous said...

above was from me hehe (Amanda) =)