Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Effects of Being About to Leave a Workplace having the freedom to publicly say what you really think about things. (With diplomacy, of course.) I'm deeply enjoying it.

Sometimes I wonder whether this newfound verbal freedom is a manifestation of my inner leader, the insightful non-yesman. Or perhaps it's just me being a badass. Or, perhaps they could be the same thing? I can't say I know.

What I DO know is that I take some pride from the (wholly justifiable) use of the word "neutered" in the annual project progress report I've just written. (Hehehehe... Take that, lame-o bureau-speak!)

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Tomas said...

Statisticians and writing reports with the word "neutered?" Sound smore like a veterinarian's clinic...what do they put in the water over on your side of the Tasman? Haha, sounds like you have made some great professional accomplishments in NZ Karla - awesome!

I love the timtam posting you guys put up - very funny pics of Dave and well written! Totally agree with your analysis!